Break free of phosphorus tie-up

Broadcast fertilizer applications maximize the fertility of your soil, but they also raise the odds of phosphorus tie up. Not to worry: New Trivar®, the first fertilizer additive specifically designed for broadcast phosphorus application, safeguards your costly fertilizer investment. It prevents phosphorus tie up and amplifies nutrient availability to maximize your crop yields.

Essential for plant growth and optimum yields, phosphorus is easily tied up in the soil.

negatively charged particles surrounding a positively charged particle

Negatively-charged phosphorus binds with positively-charged soil components, becoming unavailable to plants and limiting crop yields.

deficient production acres

More than 50% of production acres are phosphorus deficient.

phosphorus on a scale

It takes 9-10 pounds of applied phosphorus to increase soil test phosphorus by one pound.*

Trivar mobilizes phosphorus and other nutrients with three modes of action.

  1. The Strongest Chelating Agent

    Trivar includes patented Levesol technology, the industry's most powerful chelating agent, to prevent micronutrients from binding with phosphorus. This leaves more P available for the uptake.

  2. Converts organic P to plant-available P

    Trivar uses a nutrient-focused enzyme to convert organic phosphorus into its inorganic, more plant-available form.

  3. Uniform nutrient distribution

    Trivar impregnated on dry phosphorus provides uniform nutrient distribution of zinc and boron in each granule, ensuring every plant gets the nutrition it needs.

Patented Levesol chelate delivers in more than 7,400 acres of side-by-side trials

Research by CHS Agronomy and third parties have used digital technology to monitor the uptake rate of phosphorus and micronutrients in fields across the nation. Compared to standard fertilizer applications the patented ortho-ortho chelate technology continues to provide increases in available phosphorus and provide higher yields for growers.

Application Directions

  • *Impregnate 3-4 qt to each ton of phosphorus-based fertilizer.
  • Trivar is effective in both fall and spring broadcast.
  • Effective across all cropping systems that could benefit from additional nutrient availability.
container of Trivar, fertilizer additive for broadcast phosphorus application

When your phosphorus is free your plants are free to grow. Join the #FreeYourPhos movement now.

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